Monday, January 26, 2015

Week 3

It's Monday and there are some new digital goodies coming out today!!  This week I used the Journal Themed Cards found here.  I enjoyed using this kit and the journaling pages which are 6x8 are really cute too.  I actually used a journaling page and clipped it to the clipping mask in the picture of my son with his boxes.  There are also a few other kits coming out including the My Story kit which I'm so excited about!

This week was another ordinary week around here.  It was school for my oldest and my son's co-op school started again this week after a break for Christmas.  Our golden retriever, Daisy celebrated her 9th birthday this week.  We finally had a Saturday off together with nothing to do so we took advantage of it and went to a local indoor kids gym, did some shopping and went out to lunch.  Fun family day!!

My youngest got his first bath in the big bathtub this week and I love the fact that with one picture and some journaling I can tell the story and have it documented with little fuss!  In fact, I look back to my Project Life albums from the past years to see when the big kids reached certain milestones or when we went somewhere etc.  I just love this project so much and how it's such a great documentation of our lives!! So without further chit chat here is week 3!

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