Tuesday, December 30, 2014


A great big welcome for all of you who are visiting my blog!  I am so excited to start this blog and my new venture for this year and also to be able to share my passion for memory keeping with you!!  I have always been interested in pictures and preserving my memories, however it wasn't until I found Project Life by Becky Higgins that it really became my passion.  I had my first child in February 2010 and I did attempt doing a pregnancy journal and a baby book.  Even though she was my first and I had a lot more time back then, I didn't really fill out a lot of the books since I felt that there was a lot of prompts I didn't like and other things I wanted to add, but there was really no place to do that.  Enter Project Life.  I heard about Project Life in late 2010 and I was sold!  On January 1, 2011, I started my first Project Life album using the Amber edition.  I went very traditional and did just one picture a day and documenting things big and small.  I enjoyed the process so much I went back and completed a 2010 album Project Life style.  In 2012, I continued with the picture a day in traditional format.  In 2013, I started the month of January doing traditional project life, however I quickly got bored and decided I needed a change so I decided to try digital and I fell in love with the process!! For me it was all about instant gratification of seeing a page completed (although it was still on my computer).  So I have completed 2013 and most of 2014 (only 3-4 weeks to go!) in digital format.  I will continue with digital format in 2015 since I am loving the process and all of the digital goodies that Becky has been releasing!  I hope you come along with me for the ride this year as I share some pages, some processes and even some other projects I have going on for memory keeping that are not Project Life related at all. So excited for 2015! Bring it on!!