Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 16

I'm back with another project life update!!  This week was very low key as Savannah was still getting over her stomach bug.  We got some nice weather so we got outside a lot this week!!  We were able to capture one of Camden's obsessions right now with going to get the mail every single day.  I love Project Life!!

My favorite picture of the week is Sawyer getting into the pantry.  He is getting into everything!!  

For this week I used the Kiwi Kit.

Until next week!!

Monday, April 20, 2015

Week 15

This week was a very low key week as Savannah was sick from Wednesday to Sunday this week. We ended up canceling a trip to PA over the weekend and she was out of school Thursday and Friday.  The boys did make it to the playground with Daddy on Saturday so they enjoyed having the nice weather to play outside in.  We also got a video of our little guy crawling.

My favorite picture of the week is Sawyer in the swing since he loves the swing right now.

For this week I used the High Five Edition.  It was fun working with this kit as I'm a huge fan of all of the bright colors!!

Until next week!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Project Life Week 13-14

I'm back with two more weeks to share with you!  I enjoyed using both of the new kits that were released last week and this current week!

Week 13 - March 23-29, 2015

This week was pretty low key.  We got some nice weather so we were able to get the kids outside and it was awesome!!  I was able to capture some artwork that Savannah and I did together, a decluttering session (with Sawyer's help) and some pretty cute pictures this week!

My favorite picture for this week is Camden's face in the bottom picture.  He makes that face all of the time and I'm so glad we have it photographed.  I'm sure he will love it when he gets older!!

For this week I used Heidi Swapp's Favorite Things kit which was a lot of fun to work with!!

Week 14 - March 30-April 5, 2015

This week started out slow and then toward the end of the week we got a little busier with Easter on the weekend.  We had more nice weather and our resident photographer was still testing out some lighting and such so we got more cute pictures of the bigger kids this week.  

My favorite photo of the week was Savannah's close of with her face in her hands.  I love this photo not only because it's cute, but she has marker on her hands.  This girl is so into coloring and drawing right now and she has marker on her hands almost all of the time.  

The kit I used this week was the Cathy Zielske Value Kit.  I loved working with this kit!!  I have been a fan of her digital products for a long time and use her brushes quite a bit so I was so excited for this to be released!  Remember this is for sale this week in the digital project life shop!

I'm still working on a page for Easter using another kit that I have from Lori Whitlock so that will be documented!!  Until next week!

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Project Life Weeks 8-12

So I have been slacking at keeping this blog updated!!  I do stay mainly up to date on my weekly pages which is good, but when it comes to blogging them I just can't get into a consistent routine!!  So anyway without further ado here are the pages for the last 4 weeks!!

Week 8 - February 16-22, 2015:

This week was a special week since our oldest turned 5 and our baby turned 6 months.  We had well baby visits for those two and some snow so my husband got to work from home or have days off because of the snow which was awesome!!  The kids loved playing in the snow!  I also took Savannah on a little shopping trip to get her some much needed clothes and spend her birthday gift cards.

My favorite picture of the week was the one of Camden in the snow.  He is so hard to get pictures of these days since he is at that age, so I love when we can get a cute natural smile of his!!

For this week I used the azure kit from Becky Higgins.  I enjoyed using this kit and loved all of the butterflies!!  I also used a card from Baby Kit for Him for the stats for Sawyer's 6 month check up.  I used a brush from Cathy Zielske and some Ali Edwards  brushes as well.  I love both of their brushes!!

Because this week was a birthday week I ended up doing another layout with our birthday kiddos.  I used a Lori Whitlock birthday kit for Savannah's pictures. I love her kits too, such bright vibrant colors!  For Sawyers pictures I used the Boy Themed Cards which is another favorite of mine from Becky Higgins!!  

Week 9 - February 23-March 1, 2015

This week was a lot of snow/ice and just normal routine.  We had a fun day at a local school open house on Saturday, but otherwise just routine normal days.  

My favorite pic of the week was the picture of Sawyer in his little bear hat.  This captures him so well.  He is such a pleasant baby and loves being able to go out no matter how much he has to get bundled up and I just love his cute little hat!!

For this week I used Maggie Holmes Edition and more Ali Edwards brushes.

Week 10 - March 2 - 8, 2015

This week was more snow!!  Blah!!  I also documented a passing of a wonderful man this week and some more firsts for Sawyer.  I love that Project Life allows me to capture these little firsts until I can get caught up with the kids baby books!!  

My favorite pictures of the week are the three of Sawyer.  I mean how cute are those smiles?!?

I used the Heidi Swapp Dreamy Edition.  Loved the light pastel colors of this kit.

Week 11 - March 9-15, 2015

This week was spring break for Savannah and my mom was on vacation so the kids and I spent the week with my parents.  Wonderful week!!  We spent time with family and just relaxed.  

My favorite picture of the week is Sawyer cuddling with my mom.  We don't see her as often as I would like so it's always special when she gets some time with the kiddos.  

This week I used one of my all time favorite kits the Aqua Edition.

Week 12 - March 16-22, 2015

This week was the week of St. Patrick's Day.  We had a great week with some good weather in the beginning of the week and then snow toward the end of the week.  We went to the local St. Patrick's Day parade as we do almost every year since Savannah was young and had a great time.  

My favorite picture of the week is the black and white picture of us walking in our neighborhood.  

This week since it was St. Patrick's Day, I purchased Lori Whitlock's St. Patrick's Day kit.

This week Sawyer also turned 7 months so we ended up taking quite a few pictures of him with some studio set ups that Rob (Buddy) was testing out for photography.  I love these pictures.  He is so cute!!  He also had his first solid food of graham crackers. He did awesome! And yet another first documented by Project Life!!  I used the Boy Themed Cards for this layout as well.  

And that's all for now!!  I'll be back (hopefully soon) with Weeks 13 and 14!!